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Joliet Police Department Site of Newest Micro Pantry

Post Date:10/25/2018 9:00 AM

The Joliet Police Department is proud to announce the station at 150 Washington St. is the newest location for a micro pantry. The micro pantry is located just to the left of the main entrance. Thanks to the help of Mayor Bob O’Dekirk, Interim Chief Al Roechner, Mike Trafton, Terry D’Arcy, and Jeff Eberhard the pantry is fully stocked.

Jeff Eberhard started micro pantries in December 2016, as a way to allow “neighbors to help neighbors” in the Joliet area. Their motto is, “Take what you need. Leave what you can.” Their ideology is, if you are in need, the pantry is there for you, and if you are a little extra blessed, you can help by leaving food, toiletries and diapers for those in need. When Mayor O’Dekirk and Interim Chief Roechner were approached by Jeff to be the next micro pantry location, they were more than happy to participate, and are excited to be a part of such a great organization.

“Anytime we can be a part of such a thoughtful way to give back to the community we serve, we are more than happy to help. Especially if it impacts those who are in need in a positive way. The members of the Joliet Police Department and City Hall will make sure that we always have food and items in the pantry for community members who need them. We encourage anyone who wants to leave nonperishable food items, toiletries and diapers to drop them off in our pantry or any of the other 30+ locations Jeff has set up in and around the Joliet area.”

To help in anyway with a micro pantry, please visit the Micro Pantry Facebook page at to find the location nearest you.


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