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Special Events

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Office of the City Clerk – Special Events
Jessica Marsett, Special Events Coordinator
150 W. Jefferson St.
Joliet, IL 60432
Ph. (815) 724-3780
Fax (815) 724-3785

The City recognizes that businesses and organizations host events that are different from daily business activities.  The City of Joliet is proud to host numerous events each year; from major festivals, parades and sporting events, to local neighborhood gatherings.  To ensure the event is compatible with the surrounding public and since the City also has a significant interest in protecting the health, safety and welfare of the general public and in preserving the public order, the City regulates these events.  Events that have at least one of the following characteristics must apply for a Special Event Permit:

  • May attract a crowd that is significantly larger than what is expected during a typical business day
  • Use / Closure of roads, streets, city blocks or other public area
  • Use of an outdoor parking lot for any part of the event other than for parking
  • Use of structures such as a tent or stage
  • Use of City Services
  • Use of City-Owned Property (Chicago St. Plaza)
  • Use of amplified sound or outdoor entertainment that is not included as part of any annual entertainment license.
  • FILMING / MEDIA PRODUCTION is a separate application. Click here for the film application.

Any event in the City of Joliet required to have a Special Event permit shall comply with the Illinois Concealed Carry Law.  The event organizer is responsible for posting signs that prohibit the carrying of firearms.  The signs shall be clearly and conspicuously posted at each entrance of the event.  Click here for a link to the Illinois Concealed Carry Law.



  • Parades
  • Carnival/Circus
  • Outdoor Concert/Performance/Meeting
  • Street Festival
  • Marathons / Walk-a-thon / Bike-a-thon events
  • Farmer’s Market
  • Public Events with Food Consumption
  • Car Show / Vehicle Exhibit or demonstrations held outdoors

Block Parties are a separate application.  Click here for block party information.



  • Special Event Permit:                              $100.00
  • Special Event Permit (Not-for-Profit) $50.00 (must submit proof of NFP Status)
  • Temporary Liquor License                    $50.00
  • Tent Permit                                                $50.00 per tent
  • Stage Permit                                              $100.00 per stage
  • Raffle Permit                                              $10.00
  • Late Fee                                                        $25.00 (if application is received within 45 days of event)

Other fees are determined based on the information listed on the application.  Fees for City staff will be invoiced after the completion of the event.



  • Special Event Application
  • Property owner letter authorizing use of the property
  • Site plan
  • Certificate of Insurance listing the City of Joliet as additionally insured
  • Other required permit applications


The City of Joliet Special Events Coordinator, located in the City Clerk’s Office, works closely with representatives of other city departments to provide expert knowledge and to guide organizers through the Special Event Permit process.  Please contact Jessica Marsett at (815) 724-3780 or with any questions.