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How to Apply for a Permit to Demolish a Building or Structure

The City of Joliet requires a permit for the demolition of any building or structure within the City. In order to obtain a demolition permit from the Inspectional Services Division, the demolition contractor must follow these steps:

  1. Applicant checks requirements for demolition permit with Building Inspector, including requirements for fences, barricades, sidewalk sheds, and aprons, and picks up application.

  2. Applicant checks with Director of Public Works and Utilities Department regarding disconnection of building from City sewer and water lines. The applicant is required to disconnect the building from City water and sewer lines. This disconnection includes removing the water service line back to the main and plugging the sanitary sewer lateral at the property line.

  3. Applicant notifies utility companies of the proposed demolition and arranges for disconnection of all service lines.

  4. Applicant secures bond and Certificate of Insurance (naming City of Joliet additionally insured) in required amounts.

  5. Applicant submits completed application, bond, or Certificate of Insurance to Building Inspector, with required fees.

  6. If permit is approved, applicant provides all required protections and proceeds with demolition under the time schedule shown on the application.