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Drive-in Facility

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How to Apply for a Permit for a Drive-In Facility

The City of Joliet requires a permit for any drive-in facility (existing or new) for banks, restaurants, retail liquor establishments, food stores, car washes, gasoline stations, currency exchanges, and cleaning establishments. Before a building permit shall be issued for the construction of any drive-in facility (existing or new) by the Inspectional Services Division, the Public Works Department must investigate certain factors, which must be provided to the Department on a site plan. The following steps must be followed to obtain a permit:

  1. Applicant submits a site plan to the Public Works Department for review, concerning the following factors:
    1. Right-of-way encroachment;
    2. Existing and proposed driveway locations;
    3. Existing and proposed driveway design;
    4. Sight distance;
    5. Drainage;
    6. Use of curbs;
    7. Parking;
    8. Setbacks;
    9. Lighting;
    10. Signs, existing and proposed; and,
    11. Peak traffic periods.
  2. Staff prepares report and recommendation to City Council.
  3. City Council acts on recommendation.
  4. If approved, building permit is issued.

Estimated time from receipt of application to City Council Action: 14-30 days.