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Extend City Sanitary Sewer

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How to Connect to or Extend a City Sanitary Sewer

The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency controls connections to and extensions of sanitary sewer systems. Before City sewers can be tapped or extended, the applicant must receive authorization from the IEPA to connect to or extend a sanitary sewer. IEPA permits are required for any connection of 1500 gallons per day or greater. Connections of less than 1500 gallons per day require only local building permit. Therefore, to obtain sewer service, the following steps must be taken:

  1. Applicant meets with staff member of Public Works & Utilities Department to discuss requirements and feasibility of proposed sewer connection or extension.

  2. Applicant prepares three (3) sets of applications and three (3) sets of the plans to the Public Works & Utilities Department. The Utilities Division requires a copy of the construction plans on mylar or other reproducible medium. The construction permit should be granted within 45 to 90 days. The applicant must include the City's $50.00 review fee as well as the Illinois EPA's fees. These fees are on a sliding scale depending on the population to be connected.

  3. City applies to Permit Section, Division of Water Pollution control, and Illinois Environmental Protection Agency for construction and operation permit.

  4. IEPA sends permit to City and design engineer.

  5. After receipt of permit, applicant may begin construction. If any excavation is to occur in a dedicated, public right-of-way, an excavation permit must be obtained from the City's Inspection Services Division (see Building Permit).

  6. After the construction has been completed, the City inspects the work and certifies that it meets all State and local requirements. At this time the City may accept the improvements.

Estimated time for submittal of application materials to City until granting of construction and operation permit: 60 - 120 days.