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Permit Fee Information

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Permit Fee Information

***Notice of fee amendments effective January 1, 2020***

The City of Joliet Council, at its December 3, 2019 council meeting, passed an ordinance amending certain Community Development fees.  A list has been created identifying the type of fee and the new fee that will be applied effective January 1, 2020. 

Inspection Division

Driveway and/or Apron Permit                        $65.00*

Fence                                                                               $65.00*         

Deck/Gazebo                                                               $65.00*

Shed                                                                              $65.00*

Patio and Sidewalk                                                 $65.00*

Above Ground Pool Permit                                   $65.00*

Ground sign (including pole sign)                    $150.00

Roof sign                                                                         $150.00

Wall sign                                                                          $150.00

Projecting sign                                                            $150.00

Monument sign                                                           $150.00


*Minimum permit fee is $65.00 with a project cost up to $7,000.00. For permits above $7,000.00, the fees will be calculated at $10.00 for every $1,000.00 of construction value. 

 Inspections Division Fee Changes Document


*Planning fee changes document available at following link:

 Planning Division Fee Changes Document