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Quality of Life Task Force

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Quality of Life Task Force

The Quality of Life Task force was established to provide an action plan to improve the quality of life for residents in Districts 4 and 5 (Southeast, Northeast and Near West Side) in the City of Joliet.

The Quality of Life Task Force was formed by various grass root community leaders including Councilman Terry Morris, Councilwoman Susie Barber, Councilwoman Jan Hallums Quillman, Dave Evans, Rainbow-PUSH, Bettye Gavin, National Hook-up of Black Women, Charles Jones, Lewis University, Kathy Kaiser, JACOB, Alicia Morales, University of St. Francis, and Betty Washington, NAACP, in order to form a plan of action in the 4th and 5th Districts of Joliet. This project began in November of 2006, when the Mayor and City Council approved the recommendation of the Quality of Life Task Force to select a regional consulting team.

The regional consulting team is made up of the Center for Neighborhood Technology of Chicago, IL, the Metropolitan Planning Council of Chicago, IL, Teska Associates, Inc of Evanston, IL, and Partec Consulting Group of Richton Park, IL.  So far the consulting team has Conducted 115 interviews with Joliet area stakeholders including elected officials; directors of public agencies, educational institutions, professional associations, and social service agencies; business owners and managers; clergy and community leaders. They have conducted a paper survey in regards to perceived housing and market conditions that was completed by more than 500 community residents, including a statistically significant sample of the Planning Area population (8% returned). They have conducted a survey on resident participation in human services programs that was completed by more than 25 human services agencies active in the Planning Area. 

The regional consulting team has reviewed the professional literature relevant to the topics of the Plan along with more than 12 studies or plans commissioned by Joliet or Will County institutions. They have conducted four community workshops, attended by more than 700 Planning Area residents to solicit resident input on the topics of the Plan. They have convened an Advisory Group of 31 interviewed stakeholders for a preliminary discussion of the Plan’s findings. The information gathered through these steps provides the basis of the draft QOL Plan. This draft will be reviewed by an Advisory Group of community leaders & made public in the community.  With the input from these workshops, the Plan will be finalized as the principal guide to public policy and civic action for improving the quality of life in the Planning Area.

Quality of Life Plan

Quality of Life Plan (Full Text) [PDF]

Appendices [PDF] Executive Summary [PDF] 
 III-A Housing [PDF]  III-F Land Use [PDF]
 III-B Recreation [PDF]  III-G Human Capital [PDF]
 III-C Transportation [PDF]  III-H Education [PDF]
 III-D Retail [PDF]  III-I Interlocking Issues [PDF]
 III-E Industrial Development [PDF]  IV Implementation Steps [PDF]
   V-I Methodology & Sources [PDF]


The following appendices correspond to the sections of full text, but not all sections have appendices so there are some missing letters. 
 V-II-A Appendix - Housing [PDF]  V-II-E Appendix - Industrial Development [PDF]
 V-II-B Appendix - Recreation [PDF]  V-II-G Appendix - Human Capital [PDF]
 V-II-C Appendix - Transportation [PDF]  V-III Funding Sources [PDF]
 V-II-D Appendix - Retail [PDF]  

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