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Notice to Bidders - Ethics Ordinance and Inspector General Compliance

 The City of Joliet has an Ethics Ordinance (Section 2-333 et seq. of the Code of Ordinances of the City of Joliet) which prohibits any appointed or elected official of the City of Joliet, or any employee of the City of Joliet from receiving or soliciting anything of value to influence that City official or employee in carrying out his or her official duties.  The City of Joliet appreciates your anticipated cooperation in refraining from offering any official or employee any thing, item, service, or favor of value to influence that person’s decision on any City business.  With your cooperation, the City of Joliet will achieve its goal of maintaining a fair and competitive contract procedure that promotes the best interests of the citizens of the City of Joliet.  You should report immediately any violation of the Ethics Ordinance to the Inspector General, including any solicitation of a thing of value by a City official or employee.  A bidder or contractor’s participation or encouragement in the violation of the Ethics Ordinance may result in the rejection of a bid, termination of contract, or declaration of ineligibility to bid on future contracts.


It is the duty of any bidder, proposer, consultant, subcontractor, applicant for pre-qualification for a City contract, applicant for local bidder certification, and all officers, directors, agents, partners and employees of any bidder, proposer, consultant, subcontractor, or such applicant to cooperate with the Inspector General in any investigation or hearing undertaken pursuant to City of Joliet Ordinance 2-180, et. seq..  Any of the aforementioned parties understands and will abide by all provisions of the aforementioned Ordinance.  All contractors must inform subcontractors of the provision and require understanding and compliance with it.

A copy of the City of Joliet Ethics Ordinance and all other City Ordinances are available in the City Clerk’s office or on the City website for your review.