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Fire wagon with horsesThe City of Joliet was officially established in June of 1852, and the Joliet Fire Department was born shortly after, when on 12/12/1853, the City Council passed an ordinance organizing the Fire Department. Prior to this, a group of volunteers referred to as the “Bucket Brigade,” would respond to the fires.

Important Dates in the History of the Joliet Fire Department

  • 1st Steam Engine purchased for $5,900 in 1869

  • 1st paid members of the Fire Department 10/4/1872

  • 1st Fire Hydrant in Joliet 11/12/1888

  • April 23, 1951, the City Council authorized the bidding for a two-way radio system. The contract awarded to the Motorola Corporation for $5,636.74

  • September 1951, a contract was awarded to Sam S. Molaschi in the amount of $62,019.58 for the construction of Station #6 at 815 Campbell

  • June 17, 1953, Fire Station #6 was dedicated. There were 61 Firefighters on the Joliet Fire Department

  • Early fire department car1957, a 3rd Platoon or 25 firefighters were added to the Joliet Fire Department

  • April 6, 1990 the Joliet Fire Department’s first paramedic class graduated

  • 1990, the Hazardous Materials Team was founded to protect and respond to incidents involving dangerous chemicals

  • The Combined Arson Task Force (CATS) was added in 1990 to find the cause and origin of fires in the City of Joliet.

  • The Specialized Rescue Team (CART) was added in 1994 to provide rescue from confined space, below grade, high angle situations

  • The Dive Team was added in 1994 to provide protection and rescue in our numerous waterways

  • Special Operation Squad added in 1995 to provide medical assistance to the Joliet Police Department’s SWAT Team while training or involved in and incident.

  • 1996, Fire Station #9 opened. There were 143 Firefighters on the Joliet Fire Department

  • Honor Guard was added in 1998 to represent the department at parades and funerals

  • 2001, there are 170 firefighters on the Joliet Fire Department

  • 2006 Fire Station #10 is opened. There are 212 Firefighter’s on the Joliet Fire Department

  • New Fire Station opened at 450 Laraway Rd. early 2012