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Internal Affairs

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As protectors of our community, all members of our department are expected to faithfully follow department rules and regulations to the letter of the law.  Any member that is found to have violated any rule or regulation will be held strictly accountable.

To ensure that the rights of both complainants and department members are protected, a thorough investigative process has been put in place.  Standards include:

  • Conducting investigations in a fair and objective manner;
  • Provide corrective action, including training, policy changes and, when appropriate, discipline for violation of department rules and regulations;
  • Investigating all allegations in a timely manner.

How can I file a complaint?

If you feel that a department member (including Patrol Officers, Supervisors, Dispatchers, clerical staff, or any other employee) has treated you inappropriately, you have the option to file a complaint against that person.  The best way to do that is in person, to the watch commander at the Joliet Police Department.  Simply go to the front desk and ask to see the watch commander on duty.  If you are unable to do this, the watch commander can be contacted by phone at 815-724-3100.

You can also file a complaint ONLINE by clicking HERE.

 What does filing a complaint include?

An interview will be conducted with you and a Complaint Receipt form will be completed.  You will be requested to sign the form.  If you are under 18 years of age, a parent or guardian must accompany you and sign the form for you.

What happens to the form once I sign it?

The complaint form is first sent to the Internal Affairs Unit for investigation.  A copy is also sent to the accused member's division commander.  The Internal Affairs Unit will then begin to investigate the complaint.  As a part of this investigation, you may be interviewed again.  Other involved parties will also be interviewed and any other available evidence investigated.

Will filing a complaint affect any criminal charges pending against me?

No, they will not.  Having criminal charges pending against you will not have any influence on the investigation, or be used as a reason to drop the investigation altogether.

What happens if a false complaint is filed?

If a person is found to have knowingly filed a false complaint against a member of our department, that member may file a civil action against him/her.  The person filing the false complaint may also be charged criminally.

I was written a ticket for a traffic violation and I think it is unfair.  Can I file a complaint against the officer?

No; complaints will not be taken involving only differences of opinion, between department member and a citizen as to whether a traffic citation should have been issued.  Traffic citations will be resolved in traffic court.