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The Joliet Police Department Investigations Division is comprised of a Deputy Chief, a Lieutenant, several Sergeants, many Detectives and 3 civilians. The division is primarily responsible for the follow-up investigation of crime and is separated into the following elements:

  • General Assignment – Investigates most criminal offenses including violent offenses such as homicide, robbery and sexual assault, as well as many property crimes such as fraud and burglary. Within the General Assignment element there are a number of specialized assignments including but not limited to:

  • Domestic Violence

  • Arson Investigation

  • Sex Offender Registration

  • Crimestoppers

  • School Liaison/Youth Crime – Investigates criminal offenses involving the youth who attend area schools, primarily the local high schools. Specially trained youth investigators handle all criminal and status offense cases involving persons under the age of eighteen as victims or offenders. A detective is assigned full time to each public high school as a School Liaison.

  • Criminal Intelligence – Manages data and disseminates critical intelligence within the Investigations division and across other elements of the department.

  • Tri-County Auto Theft Task Force – Investigate crimes related to the automotive industry including “Chop shops”, VIN and license alterations, and other related offenses.

  • Evidence Unit – Processes crime scenes; collects, evaluates and stores evidence; and is the liaison between local, state and federal crime labs.

  • FBI Regional Computer Forensics Lab Task Force – Investigates computer related criminal offenses in partnership with the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

  • FBI Fugitive Task Force – Investigates wanted fugitives in partnership with the Federal Bureau of Investigation.