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The Forestry Division is responsible for managing and maintaining the growing Urban Forest and green space in Joliet. With over 200,000 trees and 50 landscape areas, the division provides a high level of tree care and tree preservation within the community while continuously working towards environmental improvements. Efforts of the Forestry Division and the Tree Board have earned the City a Tree City U.S.A. designation for 19 consecutive years and Growth Awards for 5 years from the National Arbor Day Foundation.

About the City of Joliet Forestry Division

What We Do:

  • Plant and maintain trees
  • Trim and remove trees
  • Manage tree trimming, tree stump and tree removal services
  • Manage weed spraying and park maintenance services
  • Support appropriate tree and forest preservation
  • Conduct research and promote the many benefits trees provide
  • Design and install Landscape areas
  • Contributes to city functions and installation of holiday decorations
  • Community awareness programs including Arbor Day celebrations

Why We Prune

  • To train the plant
  • To maintain plant health
  • To improve the quality of flowers, fruit, foliage or stems
  • To restrict growth

Benefits Of Our Urban Forest

Urban forests improve air quality, absorb rainwater, improve biodiversity. The social and even medical benefits of nature are also dramatic. Urban poverty is common to areas lacking green spaces.

Trees provide many beneficial qualities to a neighborhood. Visiting green areas in cities can counteract the stress of city life and improve the quality of life. Trees grow to provide shade as well as homes for wildlife, and naturally filter out pollutants in the air. Mature trees and landscaping can increase property values as much as 20% as well as soften, complement and enhance architecture.

Only a Certified arborist, or workers who are supervised by an arborist, can prune and remove parkway trees. Please call city Forestry Division if you feel work is not being performed by an arborist or that one is not on site to observe and direct tree work properly. Permanent damage may be done to trees if work is not performed by a trained arborist.


Urban Forestry Management Plan 1994