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Street Sweeping

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The Roadways Division of the City of Joliet has adopted the following guidelines and helpful hints for street sweeping and keeping City streets clean and free of debris:

General Information

The City of Joliet Roadways Division is responsible for sweeping over 500 miles of roadways with a fleet of 10 street sweepers. When temperatures are above freezing (32 degrees) and conditions are dry, the street sweepers are dispatched to specific areas. The City of Joliet Downtown is swept every morning during the week. The remaining areas of the City are divided into 5 maintenance districts with street sweeping done on a neighborhood by neighborhood basis. It is the goal of the Roadways Division to sweep each neighborhood completely once every 5 to 6 weeks. It is not possible at this time to pinpoint exact schedules for sweeping due to weather, manpower, equipment and other duties as assigned. The street sweepers avoid sweeping neighborhoods on their garbage pick up days.

Maintenance Districts

The Roadways Division is divided into five Maintenance Districts

District 1 is made up of an area of the city from Route 59 to the western boundary of the City which is roughly Arbeiter Road. This boundary includes all streets from Walker Road to the north and Black Road to the south. Sweeping is done from Route 59 to the west end.

District 2 is made up of an area of the city from Route 59 to Infantry Drive and roughly Renwick Road to the north and Route 6 to the south. Sweeping is done from north to south.

District 3 is made up of an area of the city from Infantry Drive to Raynor Avenue and Theodore Street to the north and Route 6 to the south. Sweeping is done from Raynor to Infantry.

District 4 is made up of an area of the city from Raynor Avenue to the subdivisions directly east of Gouger Road and Theodore and Rosalind to the north and Cass Street to the south. Sweeping is done from Raynor to Gouger.

District 5 is made up of an area of the city from Raynor Avenue to Cherry Hill and Cass Street on the north to Manhattan Road on the south. Sweeping is done from Raynor to Cherry Hill.

There are pockets within these areas that are not a part of the City of Joliet and therefore are not swept by the City of Joliet. Every effort is made to have the streets within these district boundaries swept at least once every 6 weeks; however factors such as weather, mechanical breakdowns and parked cars can alter this schedule.

Helpful Hints on keeping your street clean

Help the City of Joliet help you in keeping your street clean and keeping the storm drains operational by “adopting” a catch basin which is usually a grate covered street drain in or near a curb. Adopt a catch basin by keeping an eye on any catch basins that may be located in front or near your house by keeping it clear of debris throughout the year. Preventative maintenance such as sweeping or raking the leaves off of your catch basin will ensure that proper drainage of rainwater on your street and lessen the impact of water ponding on your road. In addition, keep a lookout for any garbage such as newspapers or cardboard which may gather on your catch basin drain and make it a habit to throw this garbage away on your weekly garbage pick up day.

Street Sweeping in the Fall

During the fall season or heavy leaf season the City makes every effort to keep the streets clean and free from debris which may cover the catch basins. It is extremely helpful for the residents to rake leaves out of the gutter in front of their homes to help with this street cleaning. Residents are reminded that raking leaves into the street is not allowed by City ordinance unless specific permission is granted by the City to a particular area to do so. The City will not collect leaves that have been placed in the street or the parkway. Any repeat violation of this prohibition could subject the homeowner to a fine of $150.00 or more. When leaves have been raked into the street in large piles, the street sweepers are unable to pick up those leaves as the leaves and hidden debris (branches, bottles, metal, etc.) could cause damage to the mechanical parts in the sweeper. Therefore the street sweeper will go around these leaf piles and thus the roadway will not be cleared of leaves. The presence of leaves in the street and on the parkway will most likely close off drainage and cause drainage problems, as well as increasing the chance of vehicular and pedestrian accidents on slippery leaf-covered streets.

Leaves must be placed in approved containers and collected on landscape waste collection days by the City’s contractor, Waste Management. For information on proper leaf disposal containers, please click here for more information about Garbage and Recycling Collection on the City of Joliet website.