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Board of Fire and Police Commissioners

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The Board of Fire and Police Commissioners of the City of Joliet attains its authority from the Illinois Municipal Code, Illinois Compiled Statutes and from the City of Joliet Ordinances.  The responsibilities of the Board of Fire and Police Commissioners are as follows:

  • To recruit, select, and appoint qualified candidates to fill vacancies for original appointment of Police Officer and Firefighter/Paramedic as prescribed by the City of Joliet Board of Fire and Police Commissioner Rules and Regulations, State Statues, and City Ordinances.

  • To provide testing and selection procedures to allow qualified employees to participate in the promotional process for the positions of Lieutenant, Captain, and Battalion Chief in the Fire Department and Sergeant, Lieutenant, and Captain in the Police Department.

  • To conduct disciplinary hearings or appeals of disciplinary action by uniformed personnel in the Fire and Police Departments.

The five (5) Board members are appointed by the Mayor with the consent of the City Council and each serves a two year term. Members serve until their successors are duly seated and qualified. In order to serve on the Board, a person must be a qualified elector of the City and have been an actual resident of the City for at least one year immediately preceding the appointment.  The Board of Fire and Police Commissioners may appoint a secretary who shall hold office until a successor is appointed by the Board and whose compensation shall be fixed by the annual appropriation ordinance of the City. The Board of Fire and Police Commissions is authorized to make rules governing the general duties and conduct of the members of the Fire and Police Departments, which rules shall become effective upon approval by the City Council; however, authority for specific direction, assignment and operation of the Fire and Police Departments is specifically reserved to the respective Chiefs and the City Manager.



2nd Monday of each month, 5:00 p.m., Council Chambers. 

Committee Members

 Herb Lande
 Craig Purchase
 Brad Price
 Todd Wooten


Rules and Regulations of the Board of Fire & Police Commissioners


Agenda & Minutes

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Entry Level Hiring Lists

Firefighter/Paramedic - Expires 01-01-2021

Police Officers - Expires 5-9-2021




Promotional Lists


Police Lieutenant - Expires 4-8-2023

Police Sergeant - Expires 4-8-2023


Fire Battalion Chief - Expires 6-12-2020

Fire Captain - Expires 6-12-2020

Fire Lieutenant Expires 6-12-2020