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Community Relations Advisory Board

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The Community Relations Advisory Board was re-established on April 16th, 1991.  They are charged with the responsibility of promoting human and civil rights within the City of Joliet and reviewing general matters pertaining to discrimination based on race, religion, national origin, sex, age, or mental or physical handicap.  The Board shall make recommendations to the Mayor and City Council for the implementation of policies in promoting human and civil rights and eliminating discrimination against protected classes. The Board shall monitor Federal and State legislation pertaining to the promotion of equal opportunity and the elimination of discrimination, and the Board makes recommendations that will ensure compliance with those laws. With respect to any specific allegation or complaint of discrimination against an individual or a protected class, the Board shall provide the complainant with information regarding the appropriate governmental entity or agency charged with the responsibility of investigating and taking action on such complaints.

The nine (9) members are appointed by the Mayor with the advice and consent of the City Council for a two year term. At the first meeting of the Board, the appointed members shall draw lots determining their terms of service which shall be for a period of one or two years to allow for staggered terms. No members appointed by the Board shall be an elected official or an employee of the City. In making appointments to the Board, the Mayor and City Council shall consider the social, racial, ethnic, and economic composition of the City. The Mayor shall appoint one of the members of the Board to act as Chairman. The Board shall nominate and elect one of its members to act as Vice Chairman. The term of office for the Chairman and Vice Chairman shall be one year.  The Chairman and Vice-Chairman may succeed themselves in office.

The City Manager or his designee shall attend all meetings of the Board and shall serve as Secretary. The Board shall meet at least quarterly, to review projects and programs and to advise and recommend to the Mayor, City Council and the City Administration possible areas of concern and interest of the community.  Meetings may be called at any time if the Chairman or any four members of the Board deem it necessary.  A quorum of the Board shall be made up of a majority of the members holding office.



12/20/2017         Executive Conference Room        5:00 p.m. - Cancelled



Commission Members

Cornel Darden, Jr.
R. Dale Evans
Wayne Horne
 Garland Mays
 Burneva McCullum
Lonnie Posley
 Betty Washington
 Raychel Wesley


  Agendas          Minutes
 10-18-2017 10-18-2017 Minutes
   9-27-2017  9-27-2017 Minutes


8-17-2017 Minutes