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Joliet - Area Sports Hall Of Fame

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The Joliet Area Sports Hall of Fame Committee was established on April 4, 2001.  The Committee members are appointed by the Mayor with the advice and consent of the City Council.  There is no set number of members and their terms shall be for two years.  The membership shall include the Mayor and at least one member of the City Council in addition to other members that may be appointed.  In making appointments, the Mayor and City Council shall consider the candidate’s Joliet area sports experience as a player, manager, coach, or fan.  Members of the Committee shall not be paid a salary, nor is it necessary to be a resident of Joliet.

The Committee shall select, among its members, a member to act as Chairman and whatever other offices the Committee feels necessary.  The Chairman, and any other officers, shall serve

in that position at the pleasure of the Committee membership. They shall meet at the call of the Chairman, or any three members, as frequently as the Chairman or the membership deems necessary.  The City Manager or his designee shall attend all meetings of the Committee and shall serve as Secretary.

The Committee shall make recommendations to the Mayor and City Council, through the City Manager or his representative, regarding the physical plant of the Joliet Area Sports Hall of Fame.  Such matters might include, but are not limited to, lay-out, décor, exhibits, interior-design, and architecture.  The Committee shall also select Joliet area sports heroes and those making a significant contribution to Joliet area athletics, for induction into the Hall of Fame at an annual ceremony.  The Committee shall also determine the number of annual inductees to recommend, and the nature of the induction ceremony 


Meetings: As Needed


Committee Members

Dick Goss
Matt Senffner
Scott Slocum
Dave Laketa
John Albrecht
Lynne Lichtenauer
John Randich
Kevin Irvin
Anthony Contos
Jim Greenan
Mick Brick
Larry Kane
Greg Peerbolte