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Thematic Historic Districts

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A Thematic Historic district recognizes notable properties or structures, which as a group reflect significant influence upon the character or development of the City. A Local Thematic District includes properties or structures that are related to each other through a common theme, but which are not necessarily all located within a contiguous area. By contrast, traditional Local Historic Districts have been based on geographical boundaries: e.g., all properties or structures on a particular block or in a recognized neighborhood such as the Cathedral Area.

Properties within a local Thematic historic district are also subject to design guidelines and preservation standards, which are in place to protect the historic character of that area. A local Thematic historic district is a also designated by a local ordinance and any exterior property alterations or demolition requires review by the City of Joliet Historic Preservation Commission.

There are four thematic historic districts in the City of Joliet.

Bungalow Thematic District (8 properties)

  • 900 Caton Avenue
  • 1010 Glenwood Avenue
  • 659 E. Jackson Street
  • 705 W. Marion Street
  • 506 N. Prairie Avenue
  • 900 N. Raynor Avenue
  • 902 N. Raynor Avenue
  • 1004 Western Avenue

Colonial Revival Thematic District (4 properties)

  • 1000 Black Road
  • 204 Sherman Street
  • 608 Western Avenue
  • 610 Western Avenue

Catalog Thematic District (2 properties)

  • 1410 Frederick Street
  • 1503 Sterling Avenue

Vernacular Thematic District (2 properties)

  • 11 S. Hunter Avenue
  • 418 Madeline Street

Place your house in a Thematic Historic District!

The Joliet Historic Preservation Commission (JHPC) invites you to consider placing your house in a Thematic historic district. Information on the nomination process can be found here. The JHPC also welcomes suggestions for new categories for thematic districts. The basic requirements, whether for architectural or historic themes, are significance to Joliet’s development, and existence for at least fifty years. Architectural thematic districts might be established for Joliet’s considerable collection of American four-squares, Tudors, Dutch Colonials, Bungalows or Catalog homes. Please contact the JHPC with ideas or for further information.