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Mayor O'Dekirk Bio

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2015 Mayor O'Dekirk
Mayor Bob O’Dekirk

(815) 724-3700



Bob O’Dekirk is a graduate of the University of Illinois (1991) and the John Marshall Law School (2003).  Prior to becoming an attorney, Bob worked as a Joliet Police Officer for ten years, where he worked as both a patrolman and in a plain-clothes capacity.  During that time, Bob was a highly decorated officer who was nominated four times for Officer of the Year, and was the 1995 winner of the Martin S. Murrin Labor Award.  Bob was an elected officer on his local Fraternal Order of Police executive board and participated in contract negotiations, arbitration hearings and disciplinary hearings.  While still working as a police officer, Bob enrolled at the John Marshall Law School and completed his degree in four years.  He wrote and edited for John Marshall Law Review and graduated with honors.

After graduation, Bob left the police department and took employment as an Assistant Corporate Counsel for the City of Chicago.  As a city prosecutor, Bob was assigned to a task force which worked in conjunction with the Chicago Police Narcotic Teams and the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office in prosecuting narcotic conspiracy cases within the City of Chicago.  After working for three years as a prosecutor, Bob began working in private practice where he litigated countless criminal, family cases and employment rights cases. 

In 2008, Bob was recruited to work with the United States Department of State in Iraq.  Bob was deployed in August of 2008 to assist the United States Army in its efforts to rebuild, train, mentor and advise the Iraqi Police.  Approximately six months into his deployment, Bob was promoted to the position of Regional Commander for the North of Iraq in the Tikrit and Mosul regions.  In this position, Bob worked with numerous high level officers in both the U.S. Army and the Iraqi Police Services.  After 20 months of service in Iraq, Bob returned to the U.S. and resumed his practice of law and became a partner with O’Dekirk, Allred & Associates. In April 2011, Bob was elected to the Joliet City Council from the 2nd District and elected Mayor of Joliet in 2015.

Bob is married to Rebecca and they are raising their three children on the near west side of Joliet and are parishioners at St. Raymond’s Cathedral. 


2019 Mayor's State of the City Address