Home Owners Associations

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To register or update your Homeowner Association Contact information with Joliet’s Community Development Department email kmackley@jolietcity.org or call 815-724-4050.  


 HOA  Contact Name  Phone  E-mail
 Ashford Place  Nemanich Consulting & Mgmt.  815- 609-2330 info@nemanichconsulting.com
 Aspen Falls   RealManage, LLC  866-473-2573   mirage@ciramail.com
 Aspen Meadows  John Gruber, President  815-577-0530  
 Autumn Fields  Nemanich Consulting & Mgmt.  815- 609-2330  info@nemanichconsulting.com
 Bridalwreath  Carolyn Hutten    
 Brighton Lakes  Mike Soltis, President  815-436-8495  mikesoltis@comcast.net
 Brookside  Sara Hickman, President  866-455-9090



 Calla Trace Condos  Nemanich Consulting & Mgmt.   815-609-2330 info@nemanichconsulting.com
 Cambridge Run  Harry Seibert, Vice-President  847-323-8522  hcseibert@att.net
 Campus Courtyards  Nemanich Consulting & Mgmt.   815-609-2330 info@nemanichconsulting.com

 Cathedral Area

Preservation Assoc.


Quinn Adamowski  815-603-4901  quinnadamoski@gmail.com
  Cathedral Area

Preservation Assoc.


 Bob Nachtrieb  815-722-0261  rinach@sbcglobal.net
 Caton Ridge  Realmanage, LLC


 Caton Ridge  Realmanage, LLC  331-215-8635 ext. 4217  mirage@ciramail.com
 Caton Ridge West  Sarah Badger    
Cedar Creek   TLS Management, LLC  815-735-4606  Tom@TLS-Management.com
 Century Oaks Condo  Nemanich Consulting & Mgmt. Inc.  815-609-2330 info@nemanichconsulting.com
 Chase Lake Condos  Celtic Property Mgmt.   815-730-1500  donna@celticpm.com
 Citadel on Rock Run Condo Assoc.  Nemanich Consulting & Mgmt.  815-609-2330 info@nemanichconsulting.com
 City Center  Lauren Las 815-744-6067   Lauren.las@jolietdowntown.com
 Clearwater Springs  RealManage, LLC


 Clearwater Springs   RealManage, LLC 331-215-8635 ext. 4217   mirage@ciramail.com
 Clearwater Springs-Condos  David Kaleta, President  815-436-0314  DKALETA@COMCAST.NET

 Collins Street

Neighborhood Council

 Tanya Arias  TanyaArias92@gmail.com
 Collins Street

Neighborhood Council

 Oscar Cuevas    Oscarcuevas240@gmail.com
 Courtyards of Woodside Pathway Property Management, Inc. 815-836-0400  
 Cunningham Neighborhood  John Sheridan 815-931-0592   cncjoliet@gmail.com
 Dames Executive THA   Nemanich Consulting & Mgmt.   815-609-2330   info@nemanichconsulting.com
 Deer Run Estates  Bob Larson  815-725-5074   
 Deer Run Estates Townhome      
 Eagle Ridge Subdivision  Phil Emph Sr.   815-557-1397


 Eastside Neighborhood  Betsy Satcher  815-263-7091  bsatch71@hotmail.com
 Eastside Neighborhood  Erica Holmes  757-266-2702  Holmes.erica81@gmail.com
 Edge Creek Estates  Frank Klimala, President  708-259-2712  frankhfs@yahoo.com
 Edgewood Estates  Bill Wilhelmi    
 Fairmount  Janice Posey    Janice.posey@yahoo.com
 Fairmount  Delinda Herrod  815-735-8516  
 Fairway Estates II Condo  Nemanich Consulting & Mgmt.  815-725-5074   info@nemanichconsulting.com
 Fall Creek  Nemanich Consulting & Mgmt.   815-725-5074  info@nemanichconsulting.com
 Fall Creek II  TLS     dwight@tls-management.com
 Forest Park Neighborhood  Garland Mays  779-875-3377  garlandmays@gmail.com
 Glenwood Manor  Lee Rakoski, President  815-741-1721  gmha1234@yahoo.com
 Golf View Estates Condo  Nemanich Consulting & Mgmt.  815-609-2330   info@nemanichconsulting.com
 Grand Prairie Townhomes on the Lake      
 Greywall  (formerly Darcy Farm)

 Holly Marek

 Property Manager

 815-886-4604  hmarek@fosterpremier.com
 Hampton Glen Condo  Mike Dube, Director  815-254-9444  mdube@swbell.net
 Hampton Glen Master  RealManage, LLC  866-473-2573  hamglen@ciramail.com
 Hampton Glen Master   Charyll Colstock, Secretary  815-230-3391  
 Heritage Commons Condo      
 Heritage House Donna McGinnis,  Celtic Property Management  815-730-1500 trish@celticpm.com 
 Heritage House      tim@celticpm1.com
 Heritage Lakes Mgmt  Bill Lopina    
 Heritage Lakes Sub  Mike Carr, President  815-741-0151  
 Heritage Lakes Townhomes  Ray Kozak, Board Member  815-730-8022  
 Heritage Terrace  Karen Kietzman  815-741-1397   
 Heritage Terrace  Dawn Gurin, President  815-729-7418  
 Hunters Ridge Pathway Property Management, Inc.  815-836-0400  
 Inwood Terrace Condo   Nemanich Consulting & Mgmt.  815-609-2330  info@nemanichconsulting.com
 Kearney Glen Subdivision     KearneyGlenHOA@yahoo.com
 Kendall Ridge  Nemanich Consulting & Mgmt.  815-609-2330   info@nemanichconsulting.com
 Kendall Ridge Village Commons  Nemanich Consulting & Mgmt.   815-609-2330   info@nemanichconsulting.com
 Lake Lawn N/W  Winnie Bergesom    
 Lakewood Falls  Mike Leganski, President    leganski@sbcglobal.net
 Lakewood Falls  Dawn Foster Premier    
 Lakewood on Caton Farm  Jill Kveton    
 Lakewood on Caton Farm  Amanda Turner    
 Lakewood on Caton Farm  Steve Tutt    
 Lakewood Prairie  Holly Marek, Property Manager  815-886-4604  hmarek@fosterpremier.com
 Lakewood Prairie  Korey Rutherford    ksruther@imail.iu.edu
 Larkin's Pointe Subdivision  HSR Property Services, LLC


 815-806-9990 ext. 14

 Larkin's Pointe Subdivision  Pat Marsh, President  815-545-2341  
 Legacy Pointe  Park Management & Realty, Inc.  708-532-6200  jbond@parkmr.com
 Madison Park Condos  Nemanich Consulting & Mgmt.  815-609-2330   info@nemanichconsulting.com
 Mayfair  Traci Rader  815-254-3854  
 Mirage Homeowners  RealManage, LLC


 Mirage Homeowners  RealManage, LLC  331-215-8635 ext. 4217  mirage@ciramail.com
 Neufairfield (Colonial Dr.)  Bay Property Services, Inc.   708-974-4900  cmiller@baypropertyservices.net
 Neustoneshire  Nemanich Consulting & Mgmt.  815-609-2330 info@nemanichconsulting.com 
 Oakwood Estates Condo       
 Old Oaks Townhome  Vanguard Community Mgmt.



 Old Oaks Townhome  Sharon L. Gomez, President    B4ucit2@comcast.net
 Old Renwick Trail Celtic Property Mgmt.   815-730-1500  donna@celticpm.com
 Olde Mill Crossing Townhome Bay Property Services, Inc.   708-974-4900   cmiller@baypropertyservices.net
 Parkview Homeowners  Beth Reinhard  815-744-480  cmiller@baypropertyservices.net
 Parkwood Neighborhood  Lamellis McCormick  815-351-0338  lamellismccormick@gmail.com
 Pheasant Ridge  Kristen Ward/Mgr.    
 Pleasant Knoll Homeowners  Alex  Harris
 Prairie Trail Homeowners  Nemanich Consulting & Mgmt.  815-609-2330 info@nemanichconsulting.com
 Reedwood Neighborhood   Bianca Farkas    bianca@reedwood.net
 Reedwood Neighborhood   Chris Farkas  


 Regency Ridge Condo  Nemanich Consulting & Mgmt.  815-609-2330  info@nemanichconsulting.com
 Riverbrook Estates  Vanguard Community Mgmt



 Riverbrook Estates  Paulette Healy/Mgr.    
 Riverside Homeowners   Nemanich Consulting & Mgmt.  815-609-2330  info@nemanichconsulting.com
 Riverside Townes    815-556-0687  
 Rock Run Point Celtic Property Mgmt.   815-730-1500  donna@celticpm.com
 Sable Ridge  Kim Deavers  815-577-7910  Kim.deavers@omni-management.com
 Sanctuary  Nemanich Consulting & Mgmt.   815-609-2330  info@nemanichconsulting.com
 Sanctuary  Myles Jacobs, Secretary    
 Saratoga West Condo  Nemanich Consulting & Mgmt.   815-609-2330  info@nemanichconsulting.com
 Saratoga West Condo Dianne Chisenall, President  815-723-7764  DCBANKER0652@SBCGLOBAL.NET
 Saratoga West Condo  Josephine Juresic, Secretary  815-355-1729  
 Saratoga West Condo  Gloria Hritz, Treasurer  815-723-6887  
 Silver Leaf  Nemanich Consulting & Mgmt.  815-609-2330  info@nemanichconsulting.com
 Silver Leaf Townhomes  Nemanich Consulting & Mgmt.  815-609-2330  info@nemanichconsulting.com
 South Side Neighborhood  Gwen Ulmer  815-210-9383  gru41349@yahoo.com
 Southwest Homeowners   Mike Maloney    
 Spangler's Farm  Nemanich Consulting & Mgmt.  815-609-2330 info@nemanichconsulting.com
 Spencer Highland  Ella Williamson    
 Springwood Condo Nemanich Consulting & Mgmt.  815-609-2330  info@nemanichconsulting.com
 Springwood South  Nemanich Consulting & Mgmt.  815-609-2330   info@nemanichconsulting.com
  Squires Mill  Nemanich Consulting & Mgmt.  815-609-2330  info@nemanichconsulting.com
 Squires Mill  Matt Brauer, Vice President  847-894-4398  
 Squires Mill  Jon Furlan, Secretary    
 Squires Mill  Tim Hunter, Treasurer  815-530-3285  jfdeng5@comcast.net
 St. John/St. Peter Neighborhood  Sara Stovall  815-641-0341  stjohnsnhgroup@yahoo.com
  St. John/St. Peter Neighborhood  Candace Johnson  815-666-3567  stjohnsnhgroup@yahoo.com
 St. Pat's Neighborhood   Carol Ann Heinemann  815-774-0335  spnajoliet@comcast.net
 St. Pat's Neighborhood Kevin Heineman  815-774-0336  kingkevs@comcast.net
 St. Paul Estates Condo  Nemanich Consulting & Mgmt.  815-609-2330 info@nemanichconsulting.com
 Stone Creek  Nemanich Consulting & Mgmt.  815-609-2330  info@nemanichconsulting.com
 Stone Creek   Ilona Vaughn, President  815-609-4499  ivaughn@comcast.net
 Sugar Creek Highlands  Kirkland Thelma  815-723-2066  
 The Clublands of Joliet  Lou Leone, President  815-409-5819 leone622@gmail.com
 Thorn Creek Nemanich Consulting & Mgmt. 815-609-2330   thorn_creek78.yahoo.com
 Thornwood North      
 Timber Edge Villas  Nemanich Consulting & Mgmt.  815-609-2330   info@nemanichconsulting.com
 Timber Oaks  Bay Property Services, INC.  708-974-4900  cmiller@baypropertyservices.net
 Timber Oaks Condos  Bay Property Services, INC.  708-974-4900  cmiller@baypropertyservices.net
 Timber Oaks Townhomes  Bay Property Services, INC.  708-974-4900  cmiller@baypropertyservices.net
 Timber Oaks  Ed Mattox/Dev.    
 Timbers Homeowners  Edward Dollinger    
 Timberview Mary Barrett, President  815-741-0358 mfbarrett@sbcglobal.net
 Twin Oaks East    815-740-1546  
 Twin Oaks West/ Burr Oaks Shannon Meyer     duffymeyer@yahoo.com
 Twin Oaks West/ Burr Oaks Lee Cardwell /President 815-735-9728  leecardwell17@yahoo.com
 Wedgewood  Greg Wernert, President    wedgewoodhoapresident@gmail.com
 Wedgewood  Ruth Campbell, Secretary    wedgewoodhoasecretary@gmail.com
 Wedgewood  Kim Mayer, treasurer    wedgewoodhoatreasurer@gmail.com
 Wedgewood  Talitha Shi, Covenants    wedgewoodhoacovenants@gmail.com
 Wesmere Country Club Michelle Jones  815-254-4827  
 Wesmere Estates  Kurt Martin, President    estates@wesmerecountryclub.com
 Wessex Townhome  Scott  Spencer    
 Wessex Townhome  Greg Davis    
 Wexford  Robert Baikie, President  815-931-4213  president@wexfordjoliet.com
 Wexford  Bob Tarman, Treasurer  


 Wexford  Dave Meyer, Administrator  



 Wexford  Annie Bobel-Sobun, Vice President    vicepresident@wexfordjoliet.com
 Wexford  Bruce Broadway, Secretary  815-254-3178



 Wexford Towns   Nemanich Consulting & Mgmt.   815-609-2330   info@nemanichconsulting.com
 Whisper Glen  Tom Scofield, TLS Mgmt. LLC  815-735-4606  
 Woodland Terrace Condominium Association Donna McGinnis,  Celtic Property Management  815-730-1500  donna@celticpm.com
 Woodland Terrace Condominium Association  Tim McGinnis    tim@celticpm1.com
 Woodlawn Terrace  John Meshenky  815-730-4911  meshman1@hotmail.com
 Woodlawn Terrace  Trista Countryman, Secretary  815-600-4229  tpenni23@yahoo.com
 Woodlawn Terrace  Joyce Kursell  815-729-4335  
 Wooded Creek  Nemanich Consulting & Mgmt.   815-609-2330 info@nemanichconsulting.com
 Wooded Creek/Rookery  Nemanich Consulting & Mgmt.   815-609-2330 info@nemanichconsulting.com

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