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Joliet Community Television (JCTV) is a non for profit community channel founded in 1980. JCTV serves Joliet by producing local programs that entertain and bring information to the community. The organization started and to date has been run by volunteers. There are no part time or full time employees. JCTV cares about the community and shows it by shooting local parades, concerts, festivals, and other non-for-profit events every week.

It started in the 1980's as a result of the Federal Communication Department's ruling that a cable company had to set aside at least one channel for the use of the municipality as part of the franchising agreement. The municipality did not have to use it but the cable company had to set it aside. Joliet's city council decided to use theirs and designated the day-to-day operations to a group of volunteers, which became Joliet Volunteer Community Television. (JVCTV) later becoming Joliet Community Television (JCTV).

Throughout the years despite the fact of the intense training and long volunteered hours, there were people who became dedicated to serving the community with TV programming, bringing recognition to schools, churches, individuals, social programs, ethnic festivals, etc. It is safe to say that a cohesive community was nurtured, if not created, by concentrating focus on events and people in Joliet.

To request coverage for a non-for-profit community event or to request a page on our bulletin board please e-mail (requests must be done at least 2 weeks prior to the event).