Joliet Gateway Center Commuter Information

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Joliet Gateway Center
90 E Jefferson St. Joliet, IL 60432

Station Hours:
4:30am – 10:30pm Mon. – Fri.
7:00am – 3:00pm Sat. – Sun.

Gateway Center Night Shot


Joliet Gateway Center is a stop on the Texas Eagle and Lincoln Service lines heading southwest out of Chicago.

(800) 872-7245



Joliet is on both Rock Island and Heritage Corridor Metra routes.



Commuter Parking

The City of Joliet currently has five daily Commuter Parking Lots near Union Station. The rate at each of these lots is $1/day. The electronic pay stations located at each lot accept cash, coin and credit cards. The majority of the lots are a *Pay & Go type system -- you simply enter your parking space number, pay your dollar and head to the train.

Lot Name | Number of Spaces
New Street Lot | 180 | 
York Street Lot | 124 | 
Washington Street & Lot | 91 | 
Rock Island Lot | 79 | 
Chicago/Marion Street Lot | 398 | (Gated lot, pull ticket, pay before exiting or utilize a proximity card.)

Chicago/Marion Street Lot Proximity Cards

The pre-paid parking proximity card can be purchased at the City of Joliet Collector’s Office, 150 W. Jefferson Street, between the hours of 8:00 am and 4:30 pm, or residents can fill in and print out this downloadable form to complete the transaction by mail for an additional $5.00 mailing fee. Cards may be obtained with a $10 deposit and an additional $10 in pre-loaded parking fees. Once activated, the pre-paid proximity card can be waved in front of the designated sensor at the parking lot’s entry/exit terminals to raise the gates. The cash value on the pre-paid proximity card is automatically deducted at a rate of a $1.00/day when exiting the new lot. Credit can be reloaded onto the pre-paid proximity card at the parking lot’s pay station with cash or credit card.
The pre-paid proximity card and entrance into the parking lot will not guarantee a parking space. There will be a free 15 minute grace period upon entrance to allow exit if the parking lot is full.


Overnight Parking - (Chicago/Marion St. Parking Lot)

If you need to park your vehicle overnight, you can utilize the Chicago/ Marion St. Parking Lot. Simply hold on to the ticket that is issued to you as you enter the lot until you return from your trip. Insert that ticket into one of the walk-up pay stations located in the northeast corner of the lot. You will be charged $1/day and the machines take cash or credit card. Take that paid ticket and insert it into the machine at the exit and the gate will open. You can also pay at the exit with credit card only.


Commuter Passport Parking Mobile App

The City of Joliet has partnered with Total Parking Solutions and Passport Parking to launch the Passport Parking mobile app.  This app offers commuters a more convenient way to pay for their parking via smartphone or tablet.  Users should note that this app is only available for use in the following select downtown City of Joliet commuter parking lots on Eastern Ave, New Street, Washington Street, and York Street at this time.

The app is free to download for iPhone or Android users, or users can manage their parking online at After making a payment, users can monitor their parking time remaining in the app and even extend their session remotely if needed.

Passport signage in the parking lots will display each lot's zone number and provide instructions for downloading and using the app. The user is responsible for entering their designated parking stall number and zone number, (York Street - Zone 950, New Street - Zone 951, Washington Street - Zone 952 & Eastern Avenue - Zone 952).  These lots will also continue to offer the cash, coin and credit card options for payment at the pay stations for $1 per day, or drivers can use the Passport app as a voluntary option of convenience at a cost $1.50 per day.

If you have any questions or problems, please call the Parking Superintendent at 815-724-4200.